Magic Consultant for Television, Concerts, and Theater

Looking for Special Effects for TELEVISION, LIVE CONCERTS , MUSICALS, BROADWAY, and HAUNTED HOUSE ATTRACTIONS?- Producers and Directors of MUSICALS, BROADWAY, TELEVISION, LIVE CONCERTS and HAUNTED HOUSE PRODUCTIONS are sometimes pressured to create illusions to make magical effects for their show, which is sometimes “tricky” due to their non-magic background. Danny Weiser brings his experience and consulting advice by combining theatrical methods and illusion concepts to create what your team would want to be perceived in the show’s production.

Danny Weiser is an accomplished magician/illusionist/comedian. He has been practicing and performing magic and comedy since the age of six, and performs his over-the-top magic, illusions, and comedy for many venues, including corporate events and large stage shows. Over the past few years, he has been creating and developing several of his own grand-scale illusions, many of which are currently being constructed by professional metal workers in the states. Danny has a wonderful rapport with well-known magicians, and consults with them before putting each new illusion into production. They have all complimented him on his capabilities of thinking and creating ideas for these illusions, and have encouraged him to utilize his creative talents by possibly helping others by becoming a consultant/creative designer. They have told Danny on numerous occasions, that his creative ideas and thoughts should go beyond just magic, and he should start creating ideas for theater and other entertainment. Danny decided to not only consult for magic and illusions, but also with various theatre productions such as TELEVISION, LIVE CONCERTS, MUSICALS, BROADWAY, and HAUNTED HOUSE ATTRACTIONS! Danny has many ideas “flowing through his head” as to so many ways of creating wonderful productions, and wants so much to be able to share these ideas with interested parties. Danny’s creations are designed and manufactured to suit your needs, giving your project the success it deserves.

Danny truly loves magic, illusions, and comedy, he feels very capable of creating for any kind of entertainment, and wants so much to help others with their production and consultation needs. Danny hopes to hear from you and especially hopes to be able to assist with your production needs whether it be pitching his original illusion ideas to you or bringing him on to your creative team.